Care For Thy Self By Renee Alwan Percell, MMS, PA-C

Life is hard. It is beautiful, fun, challenging, chaotic, wonderful…but also hard. We were not created to do nearly what we do every day in this country. We work hard, have expectations that are likely not attainable, and pack in all we can to a weekend. As a health care provider, I talk a lot…

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EXPRESS Integrative Nutritional Consult

express Nutritional Consultations Couri Center

Express Integrative Nutritional Consultation Do you ever wish you had your very own personal nutritionist?  An expert trained in integrative health and nutrition– who could help you look and feel your best.  Today is the day! Express 30-minute consultation: $75 Registered Dietitian/Personal Trainer/Integrative Health Discuss goals/interests Discuss current symptoms, medications/supplements, & past medical history Provide…

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Athletic Nutritional Consultations

1200x628 Athletic Nutritional consultation October 2020

Attention High School and College Athletes: FUEL BETTER. Are you ready for your best season yet? Nutrition plays a vital part in fueling your body for intense training and exercise. Knowing the best nutrition (fuel) for your body, specifically, will help to ensure top performance.  A simple consultation with our Registered Dietitian/Personal Trainer can ensure…

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