OneSkin: POWERED BY OS-01, the peptide proven to reverse skin aging.  The first peptide proven to reverse skin’s biological age by preventing the accumulation of senescent cells.

Cellular senescence is a root cause of aging. 

Over time and with increasing environmental exposure, your cells experience DNA damage. As this damage accumulates, they enter a state of dysfunction called senescence. 

Often called “zombie cells,” senescent cells secrete pro-aging factors that drive healthy neighboring cells to age faster and become senescent as well. As more cells become “infected,” the body experiences: 

  • Increased Inflammation 
  • Suppressed Immune Function
  • Increased Expression of Pro-Aging Genes

The more senescent cells you have, the older your skin acts.

As more senescent cells accumulate, your skin experiences accelerated skin aging, including visible signs like wrinkles, loss of elasticity and firmness, crepiness, and thinning.

  • Reduced production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid
  • Decreased epidermal thickness
  • Compromised barrier function
  • Decreased elasticity & strength

By preventing senescent cells from releasing pro-aging factors, we can prevent healthy cells from becoming “zombies” – containing the spread of senescence and slowing down skin aging.

Reduce cellular senescence in your skin with OS-01 

OneSkin’s breakthrough OS-01 peptide boosts DNA damage repair in senescent cells, preventing them from secreting pro-aging factors. This effectively stops the spread of senescence and reduces your skin’s biological age at the cellular level.

The result? Healthier skin that looks, feels, and acts like younger skin for longer.

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