Emsella for Urinary Incontinence - Peoria, IL

The Couri Center is the first in Central Illinois to offer this revolutionary, FDA-cleared treatment: EMSELLA for urinary incontinence.


Urinary incontinence is the loss of bladder control or leaking urine. EMSELLA for urinary incontinence treats all types of incontinence:

  • Stress (leak urine with a cough or movement)
  • Urge (leak urine after you cannot suppress the urge to urinate)
  • Mixed (the combination)
Emsella Award - 2019 - Couri Center
Emsella Chair Benefits


EMSELLA takes all the work and time out of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. The EMSELLA chair strengthens the pelvic floor muscles by focusing electromagnetic waves causing the muscles to contract and relax, exercising them in a similar way to Kegel exercises.  Each 28-minute session will provoke contractions equivalent to performing 11,200 Kegel exercises!

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What are the benefits of Emsella?

  • Painless
  • Simple (you sit on a chair!)
  • Non-Invasive
  • No Downtime
  • Remain Fully Clothed
  • 4-Week Treatment
Body Aging, Childbirth and Menopause can lead to Incontinence

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

EMSELLA is a chair that uses a high-intensity electromagnetic field to activate motor neurons in the pelvic floor. Similar to an MRI, the technology is known as High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology (HIFEM), and it causes deep pelvic floor muscles stimulation.

EMSELLA is powerful. In fact, during one short 28-minute treatment, EMSELLA will provoke contractions equivalent to performing 11,200 Kegel exercises!

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