TLC - Total Lifestyle by Couri

TLC™, Total Lifestyle by Couri, is a customized lifestyle program based on traditional and integrative medicine principles. TLC™ is science-based and incorporates your lab results, detoxification, nutrition, physical/exercise goals, and infrared sauna therapy. Together, your provider and our Registered Dietitian/Certified Personal Trainer, prepare a wellness program based on in-depth labs including:

  • Food sensitivity testing
  • Hormone balancing/labs
  • Metabolic and expanded lab profiles

Whether you need a boost to lose weight & improve eating habits or a comprehensive wellness and weight loss program, our experienced team can help guide you.


For some, despite diet and exercise, losing weight can be extremely difficult. Supplementing your integrative weight loss strategy with prescription medication can help you achieve your goals. The TLC Weight Management program incorporates integrative nutritional counseling, recommendations, and strategy from our registered dietitian, along with regular visits with your provider to monitor your overall health and weight loss.