When I started this, my feet hurt when I would sit too long. It took me a bit to get started walking normal. I had constant heartburn and ate antacids at least twice a day.  I didn’t want to go anywhere because I was so embarrassed by how I looked and moved because I was so uncomfortable in my clothes. In the last 12-14 weeks, I can’t tell you how much better I feel. No more aches or pains. I have lost 20+ pounds and I feel so much better. I can’t tell you the last time I had heartburn on indigestion. I tell everyone how much better I feel eating better and trying to add more exercise into my routine. I continue to lose weight as I eat right. I did go on vacation and didn’t eat as well as I should have. I felt terrible. Once I got home, I got right back with the program and lost the few pounds I gained. I’m so happy with my lifestyle change. I will continue this lifestyle change for the rest of my life. I thank you so much for helping me with this change.

Lori B.

I always thought I was an active person.  While it is true that I have always been busy, Leslie has taught me a new definition of being “active.”  I have not jogged since I broke my ankle 12 years ago, until now.  Leslie is a great person to work with.  She has always been very encouraging.  The big shock for me was finding out that I am allergic to wheat and gluten.  Before starting the TLC program, I had to take antacid every night, and I had to increase my dosage.  Now, I have to cut the dosage to a quarter of what I was taking.  My goal is to eliminate it completely.  The number on the scale hasn’t dropped as quickly as I hoped, but I am certainly fitting into smaller clothes, and that makes me feel good.  While I thought I ate “fairly healthy” before, I now make much wiser food choices.  I appreciate the help with meal planning and food substitutions.  I have a milestone birthday coming up -60- and I have a goal to reach by then.  This is the beginning of my new, healthier lifestyle, and I am not looking back. Thank you.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about the TLC program. When I started on January 14th, 2016, I had so much pain in my hips and down my left leg. I was dragging my foot just to get around.  I had daily headaches and was tired all the time. I really started the program to lose weight. But once I went through the detox, I felt so healthy and the constant bloating was gone. Now, I crave the feeling of  “healthy.” I don’t want to eat grease or fattening foods, because I love to feel healthy. Leslie is just a wonderful asset to the program, there were several times I would be frustrated due to not losing what I wanted in a week. But she would say, “I can put that pound back on.”  I also love that they check all your labs. My vitamin B was so low. It was a big reason why I was tired all the time.  Had I not done the TLC program, I wouldn’t have known. This program made me feel like a million bucks. Plus, I truly enjoy exercising now. Leslie has taught me so many things. I am going to truly miss the program and Leslie.  It is so worth the investment!