When I started this, my feet hurt when I would sit too long. It took me a bit to get started walking normal. I had constant heartburn and ate antacids at least twice a day.  I didn’t want to go anywhere because I was so embarrassed by how I looked and moved because I was so uncomfortable in my clothes. In the last 12-14 weeks, I can’t tell you how much better I feel. No more aches or pains. I have lost 20+ pounds and I feel so much better. I can’t tell you the last time I had heartburn on indigestion. I tell everyone how much better I feel eating better and trying to add more exercise into my routine. I continue to lose weight as I eat right. I did go on vacation and didn’t eat as well as I should have. I felt terrible. Once I got home, I got right back with the program and lost the few pounds I gained. I’m so happy with my lifestyle change. I will continue this lifestyle change for the rest of my life. I thank you so much for helping me with this change.

Lori B.


I always thought I was an active person.  While it is true that I have always been busy, Leslie has taught me a new definition of being “active.”  I have not jogged since I broke my ankle 12 years ago, until now.  Leslie is a great person to work with.  She has always been very encouraging.  The big shock for me was finding out that I am allergic to wheat and gluten.  Before starting the TLC program, I had to take antacid every night, and I had to increase my dosage.  Now, I have to cut the dosage to a quarter of what I was taking.  My goal is to eliminate it completely.  The number on the scale hasn’t dropped as quickly as I hoped, but I am certainly fitting into smaller clothes, and that makes me feel good.  While I thought I ate “fairly healthy” before, I now make much wiser food choices.  I appreciate the help with meal planning and food substitutions.  I have a milestone birthday coming up -60- and I have a goal to reach by then.  This is the beginning of my new, healthier lifestyle, and I am not looking back. Thank you.


In April I was watching a program where Dr. Couri was discussing the Harmonie BHRT therapy. She was talking about the Couri Center and the different options they offer. I could not help but think that everything she was discussing was relevant to me. After visiting the Couri Center website and watching a few of their videos, I was so excited to become a patient. I have struggled with weight, and my health, for many years. I have tried many things, and eventually just thought “I guess that’s life.” I hated not being able to do things with my grandchildren. I just want to be able to enjoy life with them. My oldest daughter encouraged me to start my “journey.” I made my first appointment and really did not know what to expect. With encouragement from Hope Placher, PA-C, I started the TLC program. It sure has not been easy, but I was and still am determined to change my lifestyle. My husband has been a wonderful support. He even teamed up with me to complete the 7-day detox! We have both learned a lot about our eating habits and lifestyle. I have had to adapt how I eat because of many food sensitivities.  I have lost 24# and lots of inches. I feel so much better.

It’s funny; people cannot quite figure out what we are doing. People constantly ask what “diet” we are on and how long we are going to do “this.” We just laugh. I’m still on this journey and I continue to strive for better health. Thank you, TLC.

Judy S. - Age 50, LOST 30 LBS

In February, I went for my annual checkup with Dr. Couri. I was feeling fine, just a little tired and stressed from the normal life of a working woman. I knew my weight was an issue and I called to cancel my appointment thinking that if I just waiting a bit longer, I could lose a few pounds before I went in. But I knew that waiting wasn’t the right because I knew I should take care of myself. So I went ahead and visited Dr. Couri knowing I had a problem.

Well, it wasn’t just the scale that showed high numbers! When I received the results of my blood work, I was devastated. My blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol were way out of the normal range. I felt angry at myself for letting myself get to the point. I have a family history of diabetes and heart disease and I knew I did not want to end up with the same issues I watched family members deal with. Although, I had just started another weight loss program the week prior to my appointment, I decided that the results of my blood work required immediate and serious action on my part. I decided that I would take part in the TLC Program offered by the Couri Center. Dr. Couri assured me that I would not be alone in this journey and that she and her team would be there to help me along the way. I felt good that I would be monitored from a physical and mental perspective. Although I was scared and concerned the program wouldn’t work, I started my journey and have not looked back!

The TLC program has been a true learning experience. Dr. Couri tailored supplements for me as well as asked me to follow the a new diet. I meet with Leslie, who is a true inspiration and has guided me through the dietary and exercise changes I needed to make. I have changed my lifestyle from eating fast food and not moving, to enjoying fresh foods and exercising every day. I have learned what “good” food does for your body and how important proper nutrition is to your overall wellness. I also attended a cooking class offered by the Couri Center, which was great fun and very educational.

I am a little over half way through the 15 week journey. I have lost almost 30 pounds and am wearing sizes that I have not been able to wear in years. Although, I didn’t feel “bad’ prior to starting the program, I know that I didn’t feel as good as I do today. I am so thankful that Dr. Couri and her team have dedicated their practice to wellness and offer this type of program that helped me to get “moving” in the right direction.


My life was pretty much a train wreck!  I was deeply depressed after losing my husband to Hodgkins Lymphoma in May of last year. I had been battling weight for the past 30 years, but now it seemed like everything I ate made me sick! And all I did was gain weight! A friend recommended Dr Couri. She had successfully lost weight and kept it off for more than four years! After meeting with Hope, blood work was completed and I met with Leslie. It was revealed to me that I had some severe food sensitivities: gluten, garlic, and eggs. I love to cook, make my own pasta and sauces for everything! How was I going to stop eating bread? I thought it was impossible, especially giving up egg salad! Other sensitivities are tomatoes, pineapple, green beans, mustard and oregano. So I put on my big girl pants and tackled the recommended liver cleanse and food plan.

Leslie told me “If you can pull it out of the ground or kill it, you can eat it!” My menu consisted of lots of veggies and lean, grass-fed beef, pork and non-GMO poultry, and of course, fish. I am now working on better menus and eating even healthier than what I started in June. I also took advantage of the Harmonie BHRT pellets to help balance my hormone levels. At age 68 I didn’t have much left! Andit is so easy; I don’t bother with pills, creams, or patches! My journey is continuing, and as I learn about different foods, I will continue to adapt my lifestyle. My exercise habits were zero and now I’m walking and trying to run a little, along with core strengthening exercises! I’ve learned that small changes are BIG STUFF, not blowing everything out of proportion and then losing my motivation. One step at a time……


When I began my journey with TLC, I had many health issues. I struggled with diverticulosis, bladder incontinence, migraine headaches, irregular bowels, arthritis, depression and I was obese. Needless to say, I felt tired and achy daily.

I have been on every diet in the book, but none of them have helped me find a long-term solution. I always lost weight, but was never able to keep it off. I also struggled with feeling deprived and had food cravings.

Discovering I had food sensitivities was huge. When I eliminated these foods from my diet and learned to eat “whole” foods, I immediately lost weight. I really learned to focus on my health and what I was eating rather than focusing on the scale. Looking back on the program I am able to say my diverticulosis and incontinence issues are better, I have had no migraines and my GI and arthritis issues are far improved. I am so encouraged and looking forward to losing more weight, my health and feeling great. I also feel like a huge weight has been lifted of my shoulders because I am no longer constantly craving foods. Struggles have come and gone throughout this program and I have really learned how to work through them and be in control. I am so grateful for all this program has taught me and will forever be thankful.

Rita W. - LOST 30 pounds: from size 16 to size 12 jeans!!

I have always been pretty active with gardening, bicycling and walking. However, my weight continued to go up through the years. I thought I was eating healthy, but nothing seemed to budge my weight gain. I even attempted veganism for a few months. It had a positive impact on my borderline high cholesterol levels, but I did not lose a pound. I also found it a very difficult lifestyle to maintain.

As I aged, I also noticed changes in my digestion, decreasing energy levels, food cravings and some symptoms related to my thyroid surgery. I discussed these with my primary care physician, but his response was to take cholesterol medicine and eat a Mediterranean diet. I did not want to start cholesterol medicine, and I was unclear exactly how a Mediterranean diet would be different from the way I was already eating. But I knew I needed to do something.

I chose to try the TLC program at the Couri Center because I wanted to take an approach that looked at my overall health, not just treat individual symptoms with individual medications. What a great decision that was! In the few months I was on the program, I lost 30 pounds, many inches and dropped from a size 16 to size 12 jeans! I have gone from brisk walking to running three miles. Even more amazing, it was so easy!

The thorough blood tests showed exactly what we needed to address vitamin deficiencies and food sensitivities. Leslie gave me an easy-to-follow eating plan, and the weight literally fell off. Cravings and digestive issues are gone. I feel energized. I know moving forward that I have integrated a lifestyle, not just a diet, that will help me continue to optimize my health and maintain a healthy weight.


I can’t say enough wonderful things about the TLC program. When I started on January 14th, 2016, I had so much pain in my hips and down my left leg. I was dragging my foot just to get around.  I had daily headaches and was tired all the time. I really started the program to lose weight. But once I went through the detox, I felt so healthy and the constant bloating was gone. Now, I crave the feeling of  “healthy.” I don’t want to eat grease or fattening foods, because I love to feel healthy. Leslie is just a wonderful asset to the program, there were several times I would be frustrated due to not losing what I wanted in a week. But she would say, “I can put that pound back on.”  I also love that they check all your labs. My vitamin B was so low. It was a big reason why I was tired all the time.  Had I not done the TLC program, I wouldn’t have known. This program made me feel like a million bucks. Plus, I truly enjoy exercising now. Leslie has taught me so many things. I am going to truly miss the program and Leslie.  It is so worth the investment!


After retiring from a very stressful job, I had hopes my stress levels would decline and I would be sleeping and feeling better. Instead, I got worse! I had migraines, my cholesterol and weight were slowly creeping upwards and my body hurt all over.

I mentioned this to Dr. Couri during my annual check up and she had my food sensitivity checked and I decided to try the TLC program. We discovered my migraines were caused by a sensitivity to black pepper and yeast. Within a month, my sleeping improved and my body felt so much better overall. As a bonus, I lost 15 pounds within the first 3 months!

Thanks so much to the TLC Team. They made this journey easy and enjoyable!

Mary Ann - Age 65-LOST 25 LBS! Physical + emotional + spiritual balance!

To the TLC Team: Thank you! I started the TLC program June 30, 2013. I am 65 years old and was 30 lbs overweight. I’ve always had a healthy lifestyle. However, gaining 2 lbs a year for 15 years took a toll on my appearance, my self esteem and slowly my blood work…creeping up blood sugar.

I applaud the TLC team. They gave me great guidance as I slowly lost 25 lbs. I lost body fat, gained muscle, lost two dress sizes and improved blood work. Most importantly, I changed life-time food habits. This program is a simple approach to changing my attitude about food and why I was making poor choices. The first time I went to a Mexican restaurant and did not eat chips and queso I felt empowered! I have finally found a food program I can easily do for a lifetime! I know to maintain my new weight I must consciously make healthy choices: very minimal amounts of white flour and white sugar. Another empowerment: I have not had a diet soda in 5 months! I figured out that I did not need the soda – it was only a bad habit.

The TLC team is truly Divine Intervention for anyone serious about their health, serious about physical, emotional and spiritual balance in their life. I sincerely thank you for the opportunity to get control of food! Your Couri Center approach to wonderful lifestyle is a gift to women. God bless you.

Cathy M. - Age 54- LOST 35 LBS + ENERGY + EXERCISE

TLC has been a God send for me. When I came in to see Dr. Couri for my yearly exam I told her I was not feeling well. My cholesterol was elevated, and my triglyceride levels were especially high. I had been suffering from recurrent yeast infections and had also just been diagnosed with asthma. Many of joints ached, I had minimal energy, and I was WAY over weight. I had tried losing weight may times before – but the results were always the same – I’d lose 12-15 pounds, I would plateau and lose interest.

Dr. Couri thought she could help me. After my blood work returned we discovered that both my insulin and blood sugar levels were also high. Dr. Couri explained that she wanted me to meet with one of her staff members, Leslie, to learn about the TLC program and what it offered.

So, in September 2011 I began my journey. It took a few months, but we were able to find the right combination of foods, supplements, and medication that worked the best for me.

Today, I am no longer on a diet. I have adopted a new lifestyle, with energy levels that I have not experienced for decades. I walk 45 minutes a day 5-6 days a week, not because I have to, but because I actually WANT to.  And best of all…I am 30 pounds lighter!


This past spring I decided to enroll in Dr. Couri’s TLC program. My life has truly changed for the better! As I entered my late 40’s and early 50’s I experienced weight gain (especially around my middle), fatigue, low energy, a lack of concentration, poor or little sleep, joint aches…I could go on. I had been taking a statin for 2 years and had recently started taking medication for hypertension. In general, I felt lousy and as a mom with two busy  teenagers, and a full time job that requires travel I wondered how long I could go on in this condition. Something had to change, so in April I began my simple journey to wellness. Upon meeting with Dr. Couri for my first TLC visit to review my lab results I was surprised to learn I had Hypothyroidism, or Hashimoto’s Disease. My labs indicated my body was most likely reacting to some common foods in my diet – a type of autoimmune response.

In short, I began a modest exercise program with Leslie Rusch-Bayer, CPT, and overhauled my diet. By removing gluten, dairy, soy, and meat (except fish and seafood) from my diet and starting on thyroid medicine and supplements, I began to feel like my old (new) self again. After only 5 weeks my lipid panel results were almost unbelievable; Total Cholesterol 184 to 127, LDL 104 to 59, and Triglycerides 120 to 72.  I have lost 17lbs in 9 weeks and am feeling so much better. I have enjoyed reading and learning about the benefits of eating whole (non-processed) foods and a plant-based diet. You may have noticed I mentioned I “began” my journey in April. I am still on the journey, but am finding much joy in that journey and a renewed sense of promise for the future. The TLC program has been a God-send for me. Dr. Couri and her staff have been so supportive and helpful – I am thankful.


I feel absolutely amazing! I can say for certain that I have never felt this good about myself in my whole life and I am so thankful for all of your help! I don't even feel like I need to weigh myself to know I am making progress. I can look at myself and just know that I feel better than I ever have before. I also am so much stronger. Mentally I am doing so well and cannot wait to just keep challenging myself physically. Thank you again, I just felt like you should know where I am at right now because I am so proud!