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After 21-years, Dr. Michele Couri’s primary nurse, Theresa Bowles, is retiring, May 2022. With heavy hearts and deep gratitude, we thank her for her years of dedication and hard work as we celebrate her well-deserved retirement!

Theresa has been a tremendous asset to the Couri Center and our patients, many of whom have developed life-long friendships with her.  If any patients would like to say goodbye to Theresa before she leaves, please feel free to send cards to her attention at the Couri Center. 
That being said, Dr. Couri is now seeking a new, full-time RN to work beside her.  To carry on the tradition of patient-centered excellence at the Couri Center, Dr. Couri is specifically looking for someone who is positive, dedicated, hard-working and flexible.
If you, or someone you know may be interested in this position, please do share.  

Thank you!