Pain Relief for Endometriosis By Dr. Kaleb Jacobs, D.O.

Pain Relief

Endometriosis is treated with medications, but are you taking the right one? Women with endometriosis classically present during their reproductive years with pelvic pain, painful menstrual periods, and painful sex. Some women may be diagnosed with endometriosis after being evaluated for infertility or an ovarian mass (endometrioma), independent of pain. Painful menstrual periods are typically…

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Monalisa Touch Vaginal Laser Treatment Specialists

Take the Quiz

Take the Quiz: After menopause, when estrogen levels decline, many women experience changes that can really affect their quality of life. Symptoms include: Painful intercourse Vaginal dryness Burning Itching MonaLisa Touch™ treats these common female symptoms without hormones or surgery! MonaLisa Touch™ addresses these problems without hormones or surgery. Dr. Michele Couri is thrilled to…

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