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Visibly healthy skin begins with NIA24®.

Powered by patented Pro-Niacin® technology, backed by over 35 years of bio-medical research and 30 independent clinical studies, NIA24® professional skincare is clinically proven to strengthen the skin barrier and repair visible signs of aging and environmental damage.

What is Pro-Niacin®?

Pro-Niacin® is based from Niacin, also known as Vitamin B3. Many are familiar with the oral form of Niacin, a water-soluble micro-nutrient found in a number of commonly eaten foods.  Recently, Niacin has emerged as a key factor in helping the skin protect and repair itself from sun damage and aging.

Pro-Niacin®: How it works

A NIA24® exclusive, Pro-Niacin® is a specially modified form of Niacin (Vitamin B3) that is fat-soluble, mirroring skin’s own oil-and-water composition. Pro-Niacin® is the patented molecule found in each of the NIA24® products. With its unique micronutrient delivery system, Pro-Niacin® penetrates the skin, delivers Niacin to the skin cells, and enables healing from within to promote healthier, more beautiful looking skin.

Pro-Niacin® is scientifically proven to: 

  • Improve the appearance of environmental damage, photo-aging and age spots
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve skin tone, texture and firmness
  • Fortify skin to better defend against visible signs of damage
  • Protect the skin’s barrier to retain natural moisture/impede natural moisture loss
  • Re-densify the appearance of skin


To learn more, schedule your complimentary consultation:

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