Another way to help fight off colds and flu includes using OlivDefense™.  OliveDefense™ features science-based, patented Immune Guard® plus olive extract and elderberry to support the body’s natural immune defense mechanisms.

It’s that time of year again, the time when you start hearing coughing and sneezing throughout the home and office while a box of tissues is placed conveniently near your computer keyboard.  According to the CDC, people are most contagious during the first 2-3 days of contracting a cold and almost immediately and for about 5 days thereafter after being infected with the flu – even before symptoms develop.  However, there are many actions you can take to prevent the spread of cold and flu viruses at home and work:

  • Wash your hands for at least 15-20 seconds with soap multiple times per day
  • Dry hands with an air dryer or clean paper towel
  • Use a paper towel to open a bathroom door
  • Use hand sanitizer between washing
  • Avoid touching your face, eyes, or rubbing your nose
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Get lots of fresh air
  • Exercise regularly and frequently
  • Eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables
  • Don’t smoke and decrease alcohol consumption
  • Relax – stress can lower immunity
  • Get plenty of sleep (7-9 hours is optimal)
  • Avoid contact with known allergens – allergies affecting the nose or throat may increase the chances of getting a cold or flu