Couri Center COVID-19 UPDATE

COVID-19 and Your Well Woman Exam, May 19, 2020

COVID-19 has delayed routine health examinations and screening tests/labs for millions of patients worldwide. According to a report by the IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science, more than 80,000 diagnoses of the following cancers (breast, prostate, colorectal, cervical, and lung) may be missed or delayed by early June due to the COVID-19 disruptions in healthcare practices. There are estimates that roughly 2,500 cases of cervical cancer and 36,000 cases of breast cancer may have been missed or had delayed diagnosis during the three month period from March to June due to medical offices having to either temporarily close or prioritize the patients that were seen to emergencies only.

At the Couri Center, we have followed and continue to follow the recommendations of the CDC as well as federal, state, and local government agencies. We are very excited to resume seeing patients for routine well-woman examinations and other non-emergent type visits. Our office continues to follow very strict infection control practices.  Therefore, you will see some changes when it is time for your next appointment. These changes are meant to protect our patients and our staff.

The changes are as follows: 

1.  A few days before your well-woman examination:

a.  You will receive a reminder phone call about your appointment and to verify your current insurance, address, phone number, and email.

b.  You will then receive an email from our office that contains a form that we ask you to fill out and email back to us BEFORE your appointment. That form will ask you to update your medical and surgical history, medications, and allergies. Also, this is what you all have been waiting for — you will not have to get on the scale here at the office, but if you have a scale at home, we do ask you to weigh yourself and write your weight on the form. Now is the time to be “whatever weight you want.” Also, please fill in your height as well. If you have difficulty emailing that form back to us, please call the office for special assistance.

c.  This will replace the “check-in” process at the time of your appointment.

2.  All our chairs have been taken out of our waiting room as the waiting room has now become your car. We kindly ask you to wait in your vehicle until you receive a text message or phone call from our office to let you know that we are ready for your appointment. One of our nurses will unlock the door for you to enter. There is an intake station in the waiting room where you will have your temperature taken, and you will be asked a few COVID-19 related screening questions.  From there, your provider’s nurse will escort you to your exam room.

3.  If you have a fever, sore throat, cough, or any respiratory symptoms, we will reschedule your appointment out a few weeks.

4.  Please leave all your belongings except your car keys and cell phone in your car.

5.  Please wear a mask. They are mandatory for your appointment.

6.  Only patients are allowed in the building. If your spouse or significant other accompanies you to your appointment, they will be asked to wait in your car.

7.  Appointments will be scheduled in a manner that allows for adequate social distancing between patients. There will be fewer patients scheduled per day; therefore, your appointment may be rescheduled for a few weeks out. We appreciate your patience during this unprecedented time.

8.  Each exam room will be completely disinfected and sanitized after each patient. Patients will enter the office through the main door, and after your exam is done, each patient will be escorted out through either the North or South exit doors to maintain optimal social distancing. There will be no need to have to go to the “Check Out” desk before leaving. When you return home safely, feel free to call our office at your convenience to schedule your next year’s well-woman exam.

9.  We have an entire team of providers that are committed to every one of our patients. Because there is a backlog of gynecologic and surgical procedures that had to be postponed due to COVID-19 but now need to be performed by Dr. Couri or Dr. Mathern, if your well-woman exam was scheduled with one of them, it may be rescheduled with one of our dedicated nurse practitioners or physician assistants. We greatly appreciated your understanding in this matter. Rest assured, if you needed a surgery or procedure, Dr. Couri and Dr. Mathern would be right there for you as well.

10.  If you prefer not to have your well-woman exam at this time but have an issue that needs attention or a prescription that needs refilling, we are gladly offering telemedicine appointments for your convenience.


We very much look forward to seeing you again, and if you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 309-692-6838. We want to thank you for entrusting us with your healthcare, and please know that you and your safety are our number one priority. We are grateful to be able to see your smiling faces again, even if hidden behind a mask.


Dr. Michele Couri and the entire staff at the Couri Center for Gynecology and Integrative Women’s Health



Yes, We are Open for Pre-screened, Urgent Care Gynecological Needs.

Office hours:  The Couri Center remains open 8-4:30 PM, M-F, for pre-screened, urgent care gynecological needs only, as determined by your provider.  If you have any concerns, please contact us via phone 309 692-6838 or from our 24/7 online patient portal and we will determine if you need a telemedicine call or require a in-office visit.

Please observe the following protocol:

    • Only the patient is allowed in the building.
    • Please leave your belongings in the car.
    • Please wear a mask or scarf to your appointment.
    • Please wait in your car once you arrive.
    • We will send you a text message when we are ready for you to proceed through the front door screening area.
    • We will obtain your temperature in the screening area.
    • After your appointment, you will exit the building through either the north or south entrances.
    • NO NEED TO CHECK OUT: please pay prior to your appointment and call to make any follow up appointments.

Telemedicine Visits:

Consult your provider right from your phone, computer, or iPad.  

New patients welcome!

Video visits allow you to stay in control of your health, from the comfort of your home.  It’s easy.  Just schedule via phone 309 692-6838 or from our 24/7 online patient portal.  When your appointment is set, you’ll receive an email link for easy access to your video appointment.  Visits are billable to private insurance and Medicare. Some insurances are even waiving co-pays on telemedicine video calls.  

Here are just a few examples of consultations:

  • General gynecologic issues
  • Hormone consultations
  • Integrative wellness consultations
  • Bone health consultations
  • Contraception/family planning
  • Food Sensitivity consultation
  • Weight loss
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Surgical consultations
  • Myriad cancer-risk results
  • Lab results
  • Many more!

How Can I Get Supplement Refills:

  1. Order Directly from the Xymogen Website: Order Xymogen products directly and ship to home–including MedPax* (Bone, Bone Plus or customized).  *If you are ordering a MedPax please first email Leslie.
  2. Call us and place your order / pay over the phone.  You may pick up your order in our front lobby or we can ship it to you.  Shipping is a flat rate of $8; or FREE on orders over $100.

How Can I Get my Favorite SkinCeuticals Skincare Products:

Call us and place your order / pay over the phone.  You may pick up your order in our front lobby or we can ship it to you.  Shipping is a flat rate of $8; or FREE on orders over $100.