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What is a pessary?

Pelvic prolapse is very common, but most women choose to live with the symptoms. It is something that girlfriends don’t talk about, but we can help! When the muscles and ligaments supporting a woman’s pelvic organs weaken, the pelvic organs can drop lower in the pelvis, creating a bulge in the vagina (prolapse). Women of all ages are affected by pelvic prolapse. Fortunately, there are treatment options for you if you have pelvic prolapse. A pessary is an excellent option for women who may not be interested in surgical repair of their prolapse. It is a non-invasive solution to the problem and can help improve the quality of life. A pessary is a flexible device worn in the vagina to help support pelvic organs. Using a pessary can also help with symptoms of incontinence by repositioning organs into their original position.  

If you feel you have a prolapse, we can evaluate the extent of the prolapse and then discuss if a pessary is a treatment option for you. During the evaluation, we can determine the type and size of the pessary appropriate for you. Patients can remove some pessaries; however, some patients prefer it to be inserted and removed by a health care professional. Anyone with a pessary should have regular follow-ups with their provider.  

A properly fitted pessary should not be felt once it is in position. A woman wearing a pessary should expect to continue normal activities without the fear of a prolapse getting worse. If you have painful bowel movements, vaginal discharge, or difficulty urinating, please schedule an appointment for further evaluation. If you find yourself avoiding specific exercises or cannot lift your child/grandchild due to vaginal pressure, a pessary will help provide the necessary support so you can do ALL the things you love to do. If you experience any of these symptoms, call us today for further evaluation, and we can determine if you have a prolapse and discuss all the treatment options together.  

Be well,

Renee Alwan Percell MS, PA-C