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After a year that has brought additional challenges and stressors to our lives, it is more important than ever to make your health a priority. We all know the significance of making sure our physical health is at optimal levels, but we are not always as good about making sure our mental and emotional health are taken care of as well. To be at our best, all aspects of our health must be in balance. While an emphasis on hormones seems more commonplace for women, it is equally as important for the man in your life too! For men, making sure their testosterone levels are maintained at an optimal level contributes to an increase in long-term quality of life.

Testosterone levels in men peak in early adulthood and begin to decrease with age, starting in their early 40’s. While this is a normal occurrence for every man, the unwanted symptoms of low testosterone (low-T) can negatively impact their quality of life when left untreated. Bio-identical testosterone replacement therapy in men with sub-physiological levels of testosterone has consistently been shown to improve their sense of health, well-being, and confidence. After all, testosterone is what gives men their ‘manliness.’ Studies have shown that untreated low testosterone levels can cause mood changes, anxiety, low energy levels, decreased muscle mass, decreased sexual functions, and can speed up bone loss. 

Conversely, when testosterone levels are optimized and maintained, men experience improvement in mental clarity, boosts in mood, higher energy levels, increased stamina, improvement in sexual function and desire, stronger bones, and improved muscle mass. In addition to the natural decrease in men’s testosterone with age, other contributing factors that can affect testosterone levels include obesity, diabetes, thyroid issues, and certain medications such as narcotics and steroids. 

Coming up with a comprehensive treatment plan to optimize a man’s health and well-being should include treating their low-T with bioidentical testosterone hormone replacement therapy and making changes to their diet and exercise habits. We’re here to help the man in your life.  

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Lauren Ponder, MSN, APN, FNP-C