DIY Spa Treatments

Everyone needs a little spa time.  This winter, why not indulge right from the comforts of home?  Facial rolling and dry brushing are two ways you can give your skin a DIY pick-me-up from home.  Facial rolling with a Rose Quartz Roller is an ancient Chinese practice that has been used to improve complexion and many other skin benefits.  Dry brushing is relatively new but often used by massage therapists pre-massage or body treatment.

Rose Quartz rollers are packed full of minerals, including silicon, magnesium, iron, and oxygen.  If you purchase a roller make sure you’re getting a 100% natural stone.  With frequent rolling, the skin will experience numerous benefits:

Benefits of Rose Quartz Roller:

  • Lymphatic drainage (releasing toxins built up over time)
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Increasing circulation
  • Increasing the absorption of skin care products
  • Temporarily lifting and firming the skin
  • Diminishing dark circles.

How to Use a Rose Quartz Roller:

My personal Rose Quartz Roller is kept in the refrigerator, so it’s nice and chilled when I use it. The treatment itself is easy; roll on clean skin or over skincare (i.e., serums, moisturizers, masks) in an upward outward motion towards temples.  A light touch is all you need to reach the lymphatic system.  In fact, less pressure is better; you don’t want to pull or tug the skin.  Results are instantaneous, and you cannot roll too often.  For instance, my area of concern is dark circles so I may roll the eye area more often. You can also roll your neck moving in a downward motion towards the collarbones.

Dry Brushing How To & Benefits:

Dry brushing is an even easier treatment to practice at home.  This will exfoliate dead skin cells off and detoxify the skin and can also diminish the appearance of cellulite-temporarily.  You’ll want to use a stiff brush and work in upward motions, starting at the feet and working up the legs, across the midsection and up the arms.  Some people like a long-handled brush but I like a more compact brush.  I feel like I have more control.  Brushing speeds up the circulatory system, which increases blood flow, so I like to do it in the morning for an energizing start to my day. After dry brushing, your cleansingserums and moisturizer products will penetrate better, leading to more radiant, glowing skin.

As far as the cellulite goes, there is no documented evidence that dry brushing will get rid of cellulite permanently.  However, I see a temporary difference right after as far as dimpling goes.  Cellulite is caused by stagnant toxins that break down connective tissue, which in turn leads to texture underneath the skin. The smoothing effect is most likely caused by the slight swelling/plumping of the skin.  Either way, I’ll take it.

A few of my favorites:

  • Jenny Patinkin Rose Quartz Roller
  • Argan Republic Rose Quartz Roller
  • ecotools Dry Brush

To healthy skin,

Leslie Ann